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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 Wednesday, January 31, 2007

another day at home with my mum..omg dis is gonna sound lyk "Documentary of a bored gerl"..

okay2...todae im still plannin whether wan to go to JJC Love Fiesta or not...3 wks sitting at home really makes me a lazy person...haaiisshh..luckily there ar some fwens whom i cld tok to to kill my boredom away...tmr my ah ma's comin over to stay at my hse so today had to do massive cleaning...cos my hse is ever so dirty wif 4 lazy bum kids...hehe...

on sat my uncle is gonna cook up a storm..hehe...cant w8 for dat..*lick lips*...

well i actuali dun noe wad to post la...jus feel lyk posting sumthing for my blog..muakakaka...hehe..
Sunday, January 28, 2007 Sunday, January 28, 2007

well ytday i wen out to meet my fwen MEL to go to bugis to shop!!! woottsss...love the items there..we bought quite alot of stuff ar n i spent lyk $100 on clothes, bag, pants...first we went to bugis junction n shop at the edge...bought my long sleeve shirt at dorothy perkins n my small bag at zinc...den we move on to bugis street n i bought 2 tshirts n a 3/4 pants...

den after dat i met my family at vivocity n we continue shopping dere...my dad was giving us a treat dat dae..first it was my big sis who bought a black bag frm puma...den i bought a bag frm lonsdale london...after dat my small sis n 2nd sis bought adidas shoes...d farnie ting was d price of each item kept on increasing...hehe...my big sis bag was d least cost followed by mine, my small sis n d most expensive item bought was also d last wich is my 2nd sis shoe...lol..went to marks n spencer n all my siblings incl me shop for chocs n more chocs!!! muahahaha

after dat i planned to go to the Bbq organise by yazid to celebrate shu juan's n yiliang's bdae bt my dad did not allowed me to go...so we ended up goin to beach road to buy sup tulang n eat it at my ah ma's hse...sorry guys for not attending d bbq...aniwaes...
Happy Birthday to Shujuan n Yiliang!!!

todae went to queensway wif my family to shop for clothes sumore...bt dere dun hab much women's tshirts...mostly men's...bt i bought this cute lil shirt though...den we wen to ikea to shop for quilts...after dat we wen home bt b4 dat my dad sent my big n 2nd sis to westmall...at night, i accompany my mum n dad to sheng siong to shop for daily necessities...got alot of ppl bahx...

orytes dats all...tues goin to skul to go band...see my juniors..miss dem loads...hehehe
Friday, January 26, 2007 Friday, January 26, 2007

todae was SUPERB!!

HYCB had a concert at ACS (Barker Road) n it was amazing..i was reali proud wif my juniors for puttin up a gr8 show...it was mesmerizing n memorable...most importantly d audience love it...lotsa ppl stand up n clap along wif d music pieces played by the band...

was really proud of those who performed...you guys are the best...den during interval met up wif my juniors to giv them chocs n flower...really missed them loads n all the while we were hugging n laughing...passed d chocs n flowers to one of my junior, swee ling, n she suddenly started to cry...make me wan to cry also...hehe...reali missed u guys...

take care ya swee ling, nad, faz, susi n all the band members...good luck for SYF!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007 Sunday, January 21, 2007

d treat to wild wild wet has been postponed to 28jan..we will go after susi finished her madrasah ya..wooottsss... =p

todae i got back my PSLE result for religious class...okay i now im lyk too old to be sittin for PSLE bt hey i started pri 1 wen i was pri 5 okay..so ya..did quite well...atleast i beat my sister..muahaha...very happy de cos for 2 yrs she keep on gettin betta results den me...heex..i got 456 out of 500...muahahaha... =D

aniwaes ytday wen to tp's open hse wif noh..d rest of our gang was bz so ya oni two of us went..we went dere oso lyk pretty late n so dere's nuthin to look at basically..bsides we oleadi attended d tp rawks! n so we've known pretty much abt d skul..jus go dere to kill tym bahx..

coincidentally, we met up wif several of our fwens whom we noe thru d tp rawks ting n so we jus sat n tok2 bahx..den dey ask us to go for d jam n hop but i had to go home soon n d journey wld take more than an hr to travel frm tamp to jurong..so ya we didnt go nor did we join dem to eat at tamp mall i tink..aniwaes it was fun meetin dem again cos dey ar reali very fun ppl to be wif..hehe..

aniwaes d journey home was faster n me n noh tok2..its alwaes me hu tok den he will criticise wad i say den i rebut n den both of us ended up laughing...hehe...so farnie la..aniwaes he say he wan to blanje d gang mkn one day so ya lookin forward to dat..hehe...

well dats all for todae i guez..got to attach photos n sent it to hafizah syg...ii noe she has been waitin since a few mths ago for d photos..sry syg yar...forgive me... =)
Friday, January 19, 2007 Friday, January 19, 2007

okies..im so happy dat Daren got thru d grand finals!!! gosh im so happy..so y ar u waiting for..take out ur poms poms n banners to cheer him on!!! wooootttssss!!!

watch d news jus now n guez wad...

RAIN(Bi) had touched down to the beautiful island called Singapore!!!! wooottsss...so many ppl waited for him at d airport huh...n he sooo super duperrr cute!!!! gosh i wish i could enter his concert...bt my oh my d tix ar freAkin expensive!!!mayb next tym huh Rain...hehehe..

okay2...dats alll for todaeee...toodlesss
Wednesday, January 17, 2007 Wednesday, January 17, 2007

d sun is finally shining after daes of raining...gd news for my mom to wash tons of clothing left by me n 3 of my sis...u can imagine how much clothes there ar wif 4 teenage girls...

another day at home for me...n again im ever so jealous of those who could go out to skul or work...
i tell u i can get pretty depressed at home all day w/o goin out...haissh...

well i decide i'll do sumthin meaningful todae...n so i wen to various poly or jc website dat im interested in to find out d cut-off points n d subj combinations dey offer...dis would prob be one of d biggest decision i had to make...of cos 50% of it will depends on wad i get for my olvl..i jus hope for d best i guez...

thankfully though, american idol aires todae n im freakin laughin my hats off to those hu auditioned...darn farniela sum ppl...i mean im sure dey noe dey dun hab d voice...dey still hab d guts to auditioned...oh well...not lookin down on dem cus i myself cant sing well...on d brighter side, dey provide gr8 entertainment...dun u peeps agree wif me on dat??i esp lyk it wen dey didnt get d thumbs up, dey go out n start spittin vulgaritties...hehehe...

oh n of cos Project Superstar!! i support Daren Tan Sze Wei...not sure y though..heexx..he's cute...dtas for sure...hehehehe...i lub his dimple...!!!

well i guez dats all for todae...oh i cant w8 for 22 n 26 jan..

22nd Jan - Goin out wif neni,faz,nad,susi to WWW or Escape
26th Jan - HYCB is habin a concert at ACS Barker Rd!!! w000tssss

Monday, January 15, 2007 Monday, January 15, 2007

listenin to "The Enchanted Garden" by Kevin Kern

as d song suggests, ive been feelin rather down...to describe it as feelin depressed is an understatement....im not exactly sure wad my feelins ar..i cant pour it out cos im not ready to tell my fwens wads goin on...

u see, i lyk dis guy X...bt im nt sure he will reciprocate d feelins i hab for him...lately i feel rather shy to even look at him...n we're driftin further apart cos im afraid dat by tellin him, it wld threathen d lovely friendship we hab ryte now...

i duno wad else to say ryte now...clueless...im not my usual self wen im ard him n its gonna be obvious sooner or later...i dun tink i can bear dat, how do i put it, shame??

i dunola...aniwaes peeps, i suggest u listen to kevin kern's beautifully composed piano pieces..its realli nice... =)